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Meeting deadlines and demands


We offer a one-stop shop. Tell us what you would like us to do.

It can be simply copywriting or designing, writing and producing a magazine or brochure. Then just give us the contacts to source the articles and leave the rest to us. It is as simple as that.

We will organise photographers and printers as well as contact story sources. We work within your budget to an agreed all-in price so costs are controlled.

We believe in producing magazines which are ready on deadline and are lively and interesting. They must be informative yet able to be understood by all. Although we offer advise editorial control remains with you.


Your publication is one of the most important communication tools that you will ever use, whether it is on paper or digital. It represents your company, your work; it is you.


1. Work with you as part of your team

2. Gear the articles around your needs

3. Help you to find interesting stories

4. Set up a personal style for the magazine

5. Write the articles and design the lay-outs

6. Organise photography and artwork

7. Send you proofs

8. Fine tune the proofs

9. Organise the printing

10. Ensure deadlines are met


1. There are no hidden costs - we charge an all-in price.

2. There are no faceless names we give a personal service.

3. Pack pages with meaningless fillers - we believe in value.

What people

have said

about us

Hazel is one of the best and creative web designers I have worked with.

What I especially like is her ability to work in a deep partnership with myself as a client and really understand my needs and then take me to ideas that incorporate those needs in ways I would never have thought of.

Original, innovative and highly skilled at writing the right copy and then designing the look and feel of a website that matches this perfectly I recommend Hazel unreservedly.


Ralph Lewis

Ralph Lewis Associates


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What we do About us