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Communication is the key

What people have said about us

Thank you for your efforts, you have helped us to take communications with our Supply Base to a new level.

Purchasing Director

West Midlands FTSE100 company

Hazel worked with my business to achieve the desired result and her way with words is magical and invaluable and I would recommend her without hesitation.

Herpreet Kaur Kundi


As an artist, I needed my website to be not only visually attractive, but easy to navigate. Hazel listened to my ideas and worked closely with me. She commits herself a 100% to every project she undertakes and with a flexible innovative approach finds solutions to any problems that may arise.

Arabella Lewis


I can't recommend Hazel enough, an expert in PR and journalism. I can always rely on her to produce copywriting to a high standard. She has a real understanding of people and their requirements.

Liz McDonnell

Hazelwood Associates has more than 35 years experience in journalism and produces magazines, brochures and websites for blue chip companies, as well as SMEs and charities.

Information and communication, we firmly believe, are two important keys to unlocking a company's success. We do all we can to help you to get your message across the way that you want, that is right for your needs and that your clients will read.


Tailor-made service

Our service, we are sure, can reduce your printing and publishing costs. We also provide a web and copywriting service that is tailor-made to your needs and, more importantly, your budget. We do not believe in hidden fees, when you are quoted for a price, that will be the price you are charged.

Working as part of your team we offer a friendly, pro-active service and turn technical information into people-friendly articles. We try to reduce much of the pressure that is involved in the production of brochures and magazines, whether digital or paper.

Words of Excellence

Benefits of informed choices

Keeping your clients, customers, supply chain and staff up-to-date with your news and information can be both cost and time effective.

Company newsletters can help to re-inforce policy and spell out new procedures. If written properly articles can help to get your messages across, the way you want it.

They can be used to team build within the company and its supply chain; dispel rumours and praise best practices.

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What we do About us